Dr. Ericksen during children’s eyewellness exam.

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. It’s a time where we focus on eye-related concerns that impact children and highlight the importance of eye exams for kids of all ages.  

During Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, our goal is to spread awareness about vision issues in children. Without clear vision, children often struggle to learn and play, both safely and effectively. Not only can this increase the odds of injuries, but it can also lead to social and educational issues. By making eye care a priority, many of the problems can be corrected if not fully avoided.  

If you would like to learn more about eye health and safety for children, including why regular appointments with their eye doctor are essential and warning signs of potential issues, here’s what you need to know.  


Overall, as many as one-in-20 preschool-age children have a visual impairment. This can include a variety of conditions, ranging from strabismus to refractive errors to amblyopia. Additionally, one in four school-age children has undetected vision issues. Considering that 80 percent of learning is visual, a notable number of children are struggling in the classroom due to eye issues.  

Regretfully, more than 50 percent of parents do not bring their children in for eye exams. Unfortunately, that means many kids are who have a vision or eye-health-related problems don’t receive a diagnosis until the issue has been in place for some time.  

While many parents may assume that they would notice vision problems in their children, that isn’t always the case. That’s why exams are so vital, as they ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and that they can see clearly, allowing them to learn (and play) with ease.  


While some warning signs of vision issues in children are hard to spot, others may be noticeable to parents. Some of the most common ones include:  

  • Eye rubbing  
  • Closing one eye to read or watch television  
  • Excessive tearing  
  • Light sensitivity  
  • Wandering eyes  

As we’ve discussed previously, there are also many hidden signs of vision problems in children that aren’t as easy to spot. By learning about those, you can further watch out for the health and safety of your child’s eyes and vision, ensuring they receive care when they need it most.  


If your child hasn’t had an eye exam recently, now is a perfect time. Celebrate Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month by scheduling an appointment to get their vision checked, ensuring they can see clearly and that their eyes are healthy.  

At Beyond Vision LNK, we take the safety and health of our patients’ eyes seriously, regardless of their age. If your child has symptoms of vision issues or simply hasn’t had an exam recently, our team is here for you. So take a moment and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ericksen today.