Community Sharing

Swap Shoppe

Bring in your gently used frame, and we will give you a credit towards a new purchase or service. bring in your gently used frame, and we will give you a credit towards a new purchase or service.

Purchase A Frame & Get Back 10%

Purchase a name brand frame and 10% goes back to vision care for individuals within the state of Nebraska through our Kottas program. 90% of what we do is through our visual system and every child and elderly person deserves to have vision to function in daily activities. Dr. Ericksen has worked in Mosaic and seen how a simple change in light entering the eye can change a person’s behavior, she knows studies that show 7 out of 10 juvenile delinquents have a vision problem, and seen children with behavioral problems re-engage in classroom instruction. Contact Beyond Vision LNK if you are someone you know needs vision assistance.

Professional Women in Health-Lincoln

Join us in increasing Lincoln’s healthcare value by community networking. Our mission is to strengthen whole body wellness for people we serve through community networking, extending knowledge, and trust with other health professionals. Join Us – sign up to receive updates and more information.

Trunk Shows

Give thanks for your gift of sight by hosting an in home trunk show. 10% of frame purchases go back to support eye wellness for unemployed and underinsured in the community. Contact us.

Restore Our Environment

In an effort to protect our environment we partner with frame lines that are striving to use less chemicals, biodegradable and natural elements, and recycle water. Locally we are a proud supporter of protecting our local watershed and ecosystem. Your purchase of product and service gives a percent back to environmental protection. Schedule now for an appointment.