BeyondVisionLNK is a locally owned and operated family optometry office that opened its doors in the fall of 2019. Nebraska native and Lincoln resident, Dr. Carla Ericksen wanted to open an eye care office that provided personalized care by removing the barriers between doctors and their patients. Her solution was the direct pay eye care model which allows for doctors to spend more time with their patients by removing the restrictions that many insurance companies place on in-network optometrists.

Beyond Vision LNK evolved as a fresh face to eye care with the primary goal to give self-employed, large families, college students, part-time employees, or those who have hardship an opportunity to remain getting medical ocular health and vision care management in an affordable and caring atmosphere. Beyond Vision LNK is designed to bring global eye care to those who are under insured, have high deductibles, or have limited exam access and need on going treatment for ocular care.

We are founded on the belief that your eyes impact 80% of your daily life making them a top asset. No one in America should question making eyes a priority in your health care plan. Given her vast experience in a wide demographic of all ages, Dr. Ericksen’s philosophy is that vision care should be personalized to each person and their varying lifestyles. Increased time and easy access testing allow active families to be seen multiple times without the anxiety or fear of meeting high deductibles or restrictions on care options. Children and adults frequently do not notice slow changes in vision, early diagnosis can lead to better treatment plans for you.​

Dr. Ericksen’s roots in her family ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska developed her strong appreciation for community care and natural sciences. This combined with being a mother of 4 children motivates her to continue to advocate for vision education, children’s vision, and quality of patient care.