Strictly Business Article - Beyond Vision LNK

Beyond Vision LNK ( recently opened the first direct-pay eye care model in Nebraska. Dr. Ericksen offers 60-minute exams to ensure complete comprehensive care with a tenured optometrist. The benefits of direct pay allow flexibility in eye care at low costs. Memberships offer unlimited refractive care, medical evaluations, and foreign body removal during accessible hours with tailored discounts on office eyewear, contacts, and safety wear. Beyond Vision LNK has a goal to help people avoid the complexity and stress of insurance and all of its restrictions.

Beyond Vision LNK utilizes advanced technology and equipment for retinal and macular scans for medical eye exams. Environmentally-friendly frames from independent designers who reforest and recycle water ensure you will have a pair unique only to you along with high-quality lenses and contact lenses while protecting nature.

In support of 2020 being declared the year of the eye exam in Nebraska, Beyond Vision LNK is offering a March deal for a $100 exam, including a contact lens fitting and retinal photo, with 30% off of products for an entire year. Businesses who sign on three or more people will receive unlimited care for the 2020 year.

Dr. Ericksen has over 20 years of eye care experience treating a wide demographic, including refugee populations, diabetic patients, retinal and low vision care for veterans, vision therapy for rural school children, emergency and fire personnel, pre/post LASIK surgical care, and in-home care to persons with intellectual and developmental disability, behavior health disorders, and autism.

Beyond Vision LNK’s continued mission is for all people in the community to experience healthy eyes and to empower businesses with the freedom and knowledge of good eye care options to #seelife. Schedule an appointment today or learn more by calling (402) 261-8699 or visiting