Beyond Vision Works

Benefits of Beyond Vision Works

We are more than just 20/20

High Access

Active families need high access eye care that covers vision that relates to learning, contact sports, outdoor play, health work injury, and aging.

No Deductibles, No Co-Pay

There is no need to worry about deductibles, an already used yearly benefit, or to “wait it out” for renewed benefits.

Personalized Eye Care Plan

The eye is a body part that we can see vascular health without invasive testing. Vision loss can be slow and undetectable to you, but signs can be detected early. Eyestrain, light sensitivity, redness, shadows around images, and floaters should not be ignored. We are dedicated to helping you see life, utilize preventative benefits, and manage chronic eye concerns.

Plans & Pricing

Enrollment Fees

Employee $25
Additional Family Member $10


Value Eyewear Packages

Single Vision $99 – $149
Bifocals $199
Progressive No Line Multifocals $299

Your Savings

Save 40% on eye exam
Save 30% on frames
Save 30% on Rx lens
Save 40% on 2nd pair of frames
Save 20% on contact lenses
Save 40% on contact lens fitting
Save 30% on non-Rx sunglasses
Save 30% on medical eye care **

** may not be used in combination with medical insurance