Vision Plans Don’t Have Your Best Interests In Mind!

Prices are rising on everything for everyone, from gas, to food, to entertainment.  Everyone is looking to see how and were money can be saved.  Where do you start?

Did you know that one of your employment benefits may be costing you more money than is necessary over the course of a year?  

Vision plans such as VSP, Eyemed, Davis, etc, can actually cost you and your family more in premiums and out of pocket than direct pay or membership vision care.   

When looking at the total cost of your eyecare, you need to look at several factors:
$ premiums for the entire year
$ co-pays for exam
$ co-pays for contact lens
$ co-pays for frames
$ co-pays for lenses

Beyond Vision LNK’s membership saves a family on averge $115 – $300 per year.  
We understand that vision care is important and that families need to save money where they can.  This is why we have a flat fee program that has no hidden costs, no co-pays, and no restrictions.

Lests Take A Closer Look
Example 1: 
Family of 6 (2 Adults, 4 Children)
VSP vision plan from employer – $26/month premium
4 family members wear glasses
3 family members wear contacts

Contact us today to see how Beyond Vision LNK can save your family money this year!

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